My Family

February 3, 2015

Meet the Gubbels family – Chris, Kayla, Braeden, Sophie & Tyler. We are a silly, crazy and fun-loving bunch.
Things we love:
Being outside
Sports – “All the balls and bad mitten,” as Braeden says.
Animals – Cows, horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, turtles…anything you can catch as a pet!
Endless running around the dining room table
Minnesota Twins baseball
Playing in dirt, sand, leaves, snow…anything that makes a mess
Family – what would we do without them?
Taking photos – ok, I like taking photos…the rest of my family gets a little annoyed with it at times!
Popcorn & movies
Working together – studio work, house work or milking cows…if we do it together it’s better
Singing our hearts out – We may not sing well, but we sing a lot! Some days I think we’re living a musical!
Jesus – Melts my heart to see a love for Jesus grow in my children. Sometimes they instruct ME on how Jesus wants me to act!

I love my little family and I thank God every day for them!

Gubbels Family

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