Lovely Lexi

Hey Everyone!
I’m so glad I’ve met this lovely lady! Lexi has been an absolute joy to work with for our Senior Model Program this year! She’s fun, sweet, energetic and down-to-earth. It’s so easy to relate to her and I’m having a blast getting to know her. I’m love love LOVING each and every one of the KG Studio Models this year and can’t wait to take more photos of all of them this summer!

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Meet Tara, a smart, beautiful young lady I am so excited to include in the KG Studio Senior Model team. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and I look forward to lots more photos and tons of fun!! Tara’s so easy to talk to and I feel blessed to have been chosen as her senior photographer! Cannot wait to continue working with this lovely lady!!

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Brittany’s been an awesome person to work with! I love getting to know Brittany and her family. She’s been an amazing KG Studio Senior Model representing her Class of 2016. It can be hard to come by a such a strong, mature young lady with so much beauty both inside and out…but Brittany is most definitely all of those things! I can’t wait for her senior photos this summer and I look forward to getting to know her even better. Thanks for being such an amazing member of our model team, Brittany!

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I’ve been blessed with some amazing models throughout my years in business and I’m especially excited for this year. I have such a rockin’ group of models, including Tarah. I met Tarah a couple years ago when her sister was a KG Studio model and I’m so excited to have Tarah on my team this year representing the Class of 2016! She’s such an awesome girl and I love hanging out with Tarah and her family. We always have a blast! Thanks, Tarah, for being so amazing!!

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I am honored to introduce you to a sweet girl we have the privilege of having on our KG Studio Senior Model team this year. Morgan is an amazing and crucial part of our modeling team and I’ve really enjoyed working with her. It’s so fun to get to know our clients and develop a life-long connection. I look forward to Morgan’s senior photo session this summer. Can’t wait to spend more time with her!!

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I am so excited to be working with my beautiful sister Taylor! She’s been an incredible model for me from the time I started my photography degree to the present. I finally get to use this spectacular young woman as an official KG Studio Senior Model for the Class of 2016! It does make me feel a little old, but I’m so proud of all she’s accomplished. This talented girl has a heart of gold and I’m so blessed to be “stuck” with such a sister! I can’t imagine my life without her. A special thanks to my parents for deciding a large family was the way to go and an even bigger thank you to the Lord, God Almighty for gifting them with this large, crazy family I call mine! Praying for many blessings for Taylor through the rest of her high school career.

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Hey all!
I am feeling more and more blessed with every model we get to meet and photograph! I’d now like to introduce you to Morgan. She’s a member of the class of 2016 at Laurel-Concord-Coleridge and she’s an amazing person to work with! I’m enjoying getting to know her family as well. She’s fun loving and creative, which makes for a great time spent with her.

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Want to meet an amazing girl? I want to introduce you to our model, Bre. She represents the Crofton High School Class of 2016. This talented young lady always amazes me with her sweet personality and her love for athletics. I’m so excited to share with you these beautiful images of Bre. I’m so glad to get to know Bre and her family!

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Hey everyone! I want you to meet another model, Laura. I love working with this sweet, beautiful girl! It’s been so fun getting to know her.
Laura is a member of the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge Class of 2016. She likes to use her gifts and talents in speaking and music by participating in school activities and competitions.
This girls’ smile makes my day a little brighter, so I just had to share it!

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I’d like to introduce you to our model representing the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge class of 2016, Carrie. She’s a beautiful young lady with a rocking personality. I’ve had so much fun getting to know her! I love how comfortable we feel laughing and talking as we work to create beautiful images.
It’s great to see the strong bonds of friendship she has with her classmates…the rest of her high school career is going to rock with these girls by her side.
Thanks for a great time, Carrie! I’m look forward to working with you over the next several months!
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